Windshield wipers
Windshield wipers

5 Hints It’s Time To Change Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers are also known as windscreen wiper and are a small light device used to remove rain, snow, washer fluid, ice, and debris from a vehicle’s front glass.

The essence of using it is to make the driver see what’s ahead of them because having a blunt glass can cause an accident. They have a significant impact on your driving and overall safety.

Windshield wipers are metal or stiff plastic arms dragging a thin rubber or silicone blade across the windshield to clear water for a better view.

Nothing lasts forever, and that is the main reason caring for our car is very important. Windshield wipers get crack over time, tear, and lose their flexibility, and with this, the functionality cannot be like the new one.

Those things that contribute to the crack are the high temperatures to ultraviolet rays. Six months to a year is the better time to use and replace if you want to stay safe and enjoy your driving during snow or rain.

5 Signs it’s time to change your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers
Windshield wipers

The Frame of the Blade is Damaged

You have to constantly check your vehicle correctly because the blade’s frame may be bent or damaged; this can make the windshield not work perfectly by cleaning the glass.

You have to look into the blade’s frame, the plastic, and metal that keep the edge in place. And these mostly happened when scraping ice and snow off of your car in the winter.


When your wiper blades skip wiping the water away smoothly, it doesn’t mean it is already worn out, just the sign of not fitting tight. This mainly occurred during hot and dry climates as the blade freeze. Once you are experiencing this, you need to replace the blades.


If you don’t, known smearing does occur when your vehicle windscreen is too dirty to get cleaned by a rubber blade, like insects or grime. If defamation occurs after you have cleaned the windshield, then it means that the rubber has been damaged.

Too much Noise

If you hear too much Noise on the windshield, you need to change it because the rubber against the glass must not create any loud noise.

Hearing scratching or squeaking means the rubber edge has probably worn down, and they need to be replaced.


Try to consider getting new wipers before the winter months, or you have them checked out. And if you didn’t change it, you need to avoid being sprayed by dirty slush from the road.

Make sure to keep up with constant maintenance on your vehicle to help prevent accidents from occurring from time to time.

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